Vector Art Service

Expert artists redraw your raster jpg / bmp blurred photo to vector format. No automated
software used to create the vector- which would mean, minimum vector nodes no overlapping
cut lines, and files ready for print production / plotting / etching / engraving.

Vector FAQ

Q1: Where do I begin?

Send us your enquiry now. Email it to us at If you have an image that you want vectorised, just attach it to the email that you send to us. Please specific instructions if any.

Q2: How do I send you my artwork?

Just email the best quality version of your artwork that you have.

Q3: What type of files can be vectorized?

As long as we can see the image, we can vectorize it! Jpg, gif, tif, psd, bmp, png, doc, pdf, & more.. We can also create a vector file from a scanned sketch.

Q4: How will I receive the vector file?

Completed Artwork will be sent back to you through email. We will return the images via the same medium in which we received the batch.

Q5: What type of vector files do you supply & what are they good for?

Vector output as AI, EPS, PDF, CDR & moreThe vector files can be suitable for commercial & specialty printers, cut-ready art for signs & banners, engravers, web use and more. Make sure you specify what you need the file for so that it can be prepared accordingly.

Q6: In what format can you output the completed work?

Just specify the format you want returned.

Q7: How is the vectorization done ?

We either manually draw in vector format, use an automated tracing tool, or use a combination of both; whatever produces the best result at the lowest price, or however you instruct us to do it.

Q8: How to reduce vectorization costs ?

1. Send the best quality file.
2. If there are small letters on your image, specify the font used or allow font substitution.
3. Specify vector file usage: T-shirts, signs, embroidery, cups, etc.

Q9: Will fonts be live?

No, all fonts in your art will be converted to paths, thus allowing you to open/import the file with no issues.

Q10: Copyrights of images?

The images that you supply for Vector Conversion are not shared with anyone else.

Q11: Can I buy clipart from you?

No. All artwork belongs to the original owner.

Q12: Do you have any minimum order requirement?

No, you can send any amount of image you want. We appreciate your business and try our best to provide as easy and flexible service as possible.

Q13: Do I need to pay for any corrections I might have?

We can do corrections free of charge if they are minor. Or if in any case we have misunderstood your instructions or errors are on our part we will do the corrections free of charge. For major corrections that are time consuming will be charged.

Q14: Do you keep history of my files in case I loss my files?

Your artwork will be in our records for a period of One month after your order is completed.

Q15: Who carries out the work?

Our team of artists are skilled designers who precisely recreate your designs, creating raster to vector images that no automated software.

Q16: How can I get a 24 hour turnaround - Rush job request!

If you have an image and a looming deadline and you need it vectorized in a rush then get in touch with us. Email it to us at We will deliver your image the way you need it – on time. With a host of different services and time levels available to you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Q17:How Can we Pay You ?

Payment can be received through
1. Credit Card
2. PayPal
3. Wire Transfer

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